Owned and operated by Billy & Beth Enlow since 2008.  We started our business in 2007; then in 2008 we bought our Monster Truck and named her Coyote Hunter.  Our name originated with the Enlow boys spending all their free time stamping out this predator in our local community.  Now all their free time is spent running the Monster Truck across the Midwest. 

Over time, the truck design evolved and is currently dedicated to Crushing Childhood Cancer.  Cancer is a debilitating disease that knows no boundaries.  It does not discriminate against anyone - Our hope is to raise awareness for Childhood Cancer; and for children to know that we care about their struggle and fight to overcome Cancer.

We enjoy bringing this unique monster truck experience to traditional and non-traditional forms of entertainment.  We truly enjoy our time with Schools supporting reading.

If you are a school and want to get your kids REVVED UP FOR READING then please contact us to discuss our ideas for a reading challenge at your school